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Forum Name: Jobs
Forum Description: Post jobs ads for Monroe and the surrounding areas
Printed Date: May 06 2021 at 11:35pm

Posted By: Bloodyhounds
Date Posted: Oct 22 2013 at 1:25pm
We also are interviewing for this AREA!
$10.50 - $11.00 PER HOUR
Our company is called While You Were Away.

We call ourselves this because we like to help out clients while they go about their busy lives doing their day to day things. While they are away, we take care of the stressful things like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, running errands, or doing chores. It's so nice for them to come home to a beautiful, great looking and smelling house! We love being part of that!

If this is how you feel too and you would like to earn a little extra money while kids are in school, or just on a part time basis, you may want to consider joining our team. This is part time starting out but can work into a full time position.

These are our requirements:

You must have reliable transportation, reliable daycare arrangements, and reliable phone service.

You must have no criminal history, with the exception of traffic violations.

You must be someone who is on time, honest, reliable, and have good morals.

We are old fashioned and believe in treating our clients and our employees right.

Most work is Monday through Friday during daytime hours, but if weekend or night work is something you are interested in, that is also available at times.

Please give me a call if you are interested or would like to find out more about the job. You may also send me a resume.

Pamela Elam 513-465-4339

Posted By: bobpreston
Date Posted: Oct 22 2013 at 8:13pm
Paid healthcare?
Paid vacation?
Retirement plan?
Reimbursement for reliable phone?
Reimbursement for using personal car for business travel @$0.565?


Posted By: scooter
Date Posted: Oct 23 2013 at 10:55pm
Bad bad lady or company to work for.....

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Posted By: scooter
Date Posted: Oct 23 2013 at 10:58pm
Work ethnic sucks. Owner very unprofessional. That's why she has lost a lot of clients.... Good luck!

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Posted By: HRHPatey
Date Posted: Oct 24 2013 at 7:49am
I couldn't find anything, anywhere to support your statement, Scooter.   Do you personal experience with this company?

If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.

Posted By: scooter
Date Posted: Oct 27 2013 at 6:13pm
Yes I do. Had a referral didn't go to well complained to owner n she was rude! Sister and friends have had problems also.....

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Posted By: Bloodyhounds
Date Posted: Mar 05 2014 at 5:17pm
Scooter, I just got back to see this horrible statement you made! You don't know me, nor do you have any association with my company. Why would you make such claims? I'm sorry you feel you need to put such terrible things on here about others!

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