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Should Council Reduce from 7 to 5 Members

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Printed Date: Jul 06 2020 at 3:00am

Topic: Should Council Reduce from 7 to 5 Members
Posted By: John Beagle
Subject: Should Council Reduce from 7 to 5 Members
Date Posted: Oct 29 2013 at 9:26am
Last election cycle the Middletown voters supported a reduction in council members by 2, leaving only 5 members to sit on council, including the mayor. 

Monroe has 7 council members and no one is running opposed.

Seems to me that Monroe ought to consider doing the same thing as Middletown. This would provide a more competitive race as fewer people vying for fewer seats. 

Middletown also elects its mayor, unlike Monroe. In Monroe council votes for mayor on our behalf. I like the idea of people running for mayor and being elected by the people, rather than our representatives.

What do you think?

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
-Joseph Campbell

Posted By: jrock1203
Date Posted: Oct 29 2013 at 10:08am
I do like the mayor election idea - a lot :-)
As far as reduction in councilmembers - I'm on the fence. Is there a genuine savings money wise? They don't get paid enough, IIRC, to really make a dent fiscally, and I think the increased competition come election time would be good.
Is there other genuine benefit that I am not realizing?

Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Posted By: zapp2525
Date Posted: Oct 29 2013 at 10:53am
What happens when we drop the number from 7 to 5 and then next election the 5 run unopposed ? How low do we go.

There is just a lack of interest for running for these seats..................not sure what can be done to change that.

I like the citizens voting for the mayor Thumbs Up


Posted By: John Beagle
Date Posted: Oct 29 2013 at 3:24pm
How low do we go?

I was thinking down to one supreme dictator of Monroe. 

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
-Joseph Campbell

Posted By: cmsquare
Date Posted: Oct 29 2013 at 4:24pm
I can't imagine why there would be a lack of people running for these seats.

this town treats it's council members with the utmost respect and admiration at all times.

Instead of looking to decrease the number of people running why not look into making it a role more people covet and want to take on.


Posted By: Too Many Hobbies
Date Posted: Oct 31 2013 at 3:24pm
At this point I would be in favor of reducing down to zero and appointing a benevolent dictator.


Posted By: friendyour
Date Posted: Nov 13 2013 at 5:05pm

Friend Your

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