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Water Tower Painting Controversy

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Printed Date: Jun 26 2019 at 1:23pm

Topic: Water Tower Painting Controversy
Posted By: Monroe News
Subject: Water Tower Painting Controversy
Date Posted: Sep 27 2018 at 11:41am
Mr. Arthur reported on the status of the painting of the water tower at Mound Cemetery.  Currently, 
there are existing Sprint antennas on the face of the tank that need to be removed.  Initially, 
wanted a substantial amount of money to move them.  They are under an old agreement that did

not provide for them to move if the City needed to perform maintenance on the tank.   Sprint’s 
estimate was over $110,000 to remove them for the length of the project and install a cell on 
wheels during this time.  Working with them we came up with installing a handrail on the top to 
allow the antennas to go on the top and provide safety to workers.  The cost for the handrail and 
the cabling was just under $25,000 and a change order will be coming to Council for this.  The 
other cost is Sprint was hiring a contractor to remove the antennas and cabling off the tank and 
relocate on the handrail at a cost of $37,500.  We have the lease agreement with Sprint and they 
pay $2,913 per month and they recommend to pay the contractor up front and one year abatement on 
the lease amount.   There is about 10 years left on the agreement.   They need to be removed 
because we can’t get in behind them when we are sandblasting and painting.

Mr. Arthur noted that the current agreements with other carriers contain language that will not put 
the City in another situation like this.

If Council has no objections we can bring an agreement to Council at the next meeting.  We are 
running out of time because you have to have a certain weather conditions for the painting.

Council expressed disappointment in the way the agreement was written, but understood that it is
something that had to move forward.

Source: Monroe Council Minutes
Regular Meeting of Council
September 11, 2018 – 6:30 p.m.
233 South Main Street, Monroe, Ohio

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Posted By: Monroe News
Date Posted: Oct 08 2018 at 1:40pm

Emergency  Resolution  No.  58-2018.  A  Resolution  authorizing  the  City  Manager  to  enter  
into  an amended site agreement by and between the City of Monroe and SprintCom, Inc. for the 
purposes of relocating certain equipment located on the water tank located at Mound Cemetery and 
declaring an emergency.

Mr. Frentzel stated that the cost to move the equipment is about $37,500 and the abatement is less 

$35,000.  Mr. Arthur advised that Sprint will cover the difference.

Mr. Clark moved to suspend the rule requiring the reading of Emergency Resolution No. 58-2018 on 
two separate days, authorize its adoption on the first reading, and have it read by title only; 
seconded by Mrs. McElfresh. Voice vote.  Motion carried.

The Clerk of Council read Emergency Resolution No. 58-2018 by title only.

Mr. Clark moved to adopt Emergency Resolution No. 58-2018; seconded by Mr. Funk. Roll call vote:

seven ayes.  Motion carried.

Source: Monroe Council Minutes
Regular Meeting of Council
September 25, 2018 – 6:30 p.m.
233 South Main Street, Monroe, Ohio

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